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Troubleshoot for controller in bootloader mode doesn't work


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I just recently got my Vive, at first both controllers would turn on but wouldmt connect so I updated them and the first one worked but the second disconnected while updating. I charged it overnight to make sure it wasn't just out of power. The power wasn't the problem and after trying the troubleshoot for bootloader mode multiple times nothing has happened and no on screen prompts pop up. If anyone knows anything else to do please help.

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Try this first: 

Reset the controller

If the controller is not behaving as expected, it’s having pairing issues or it’s having tracking issues, resetting it will update the status of the controller and will allow it to be set up again.

  1. Power off the controller.
  2. While holding [Grip] + [Touchpad] + [Menu buttons], plug the controller to the PC via USB.
  3. Continue holding until the PC recognizes the controller as a USB drive (a sound will be made on the computer).
  4. Release the buttons and then unplug the controller.

And then, try this:

Unpair all controllers using the SteamVR console

In order to connect and isolate multiple controllers, the system will pair the controllers with a unique identifier and will link this information to the tracking system. When one or both controllers are having pairing issues, releasing these settings will allow you to pair both controllers without interfering registries.

  1. On the PC, browse to C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\bin\win32
  2. Run exe
  3. Type unpairall in the console window and then hit enter.
  4. Once finished, the console window will display two identifiers as confirmation.
  5. Close the console and restart SteamVR.
  6. Attempt to pair the controllers again.

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