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No customer service and total disrespect


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We are a college research center. We bought two Vive, the first we openned broke as we were merely examining it and playing with the head straps. A 10 cents plastic retainer in the side pivot broke. The headset was never even put on a head. The lenses protective films are still in place, it was never plugged. We were told to send it back (our freight charges). After 2 months of emails and phone calls, we were finally told that the part was repaired and the headset sent back. We received it today in the exact same condition we sent it, broken and untouched.

 This college will certainly spread the word amongst our gamers to avoid HTC.

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Hello  ,


Thank you for your comments, we are certainly feeding this up the chain on our end.   PM'd you requesting some additional background info (any ticket info, correspondence, etc) so that we may escalate any outstanding or open issues and ensure resolution.


I can completely understand your feelings, I do hope for an opportunity to work with you to correct this experience.


Thank you again, and I look forward to solving on your behalf.





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