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Cannot play any viveport games at all


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Just started my free trial yesterday & downloaded the free games, none of them work.


I tried to launch through viveport in steam, vive desktop app, from the exe in game folders, NOTHING works !

When i try to launch them games i end up with an error message saying cannot start app or even worst it freeze up my computer like it does not respond anymore, had to hard reboot 4 times already.


No problems with steam vr games.


I really start to have a headache because of that & already cancelled my subscribtion as you can imagine.


Any way to fix this mess ?

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Version 1.1.1 (r47)

File Path - c:\ProgramData\HTC\Vive (Found installed games here)

27.3 GB of free space left on my 256 GB SSD

Video Card - GTX 970

CPU - i5-6600k

RAM - 16 GB


Games that are crashing my computer - Everest VR, TheBlu(suggests a GTX 980) and Tilt brush

Games that work - Richie's Plank Experience and Nikola Tesla


The crashes seem to start with steam then it slowly spreads to the rest of my applications.


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No, only games that have been installed through Vive. I've installed and played 10-15 games through Steam without issue. I've even played a few Oculus games with Revive.


Also, I was able to recreate the crash with two different vive chat agents. I have the transcripts if you think those might be usefule.

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