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Controller not turning on


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Hi everyone,


I was having fun with Vive for the past 3 weeks and everything was running great until I've encountered a problem with one of my HTC Vive Controller: the controller won't turn on anymore. I didn't make any firmware update or anything, I just picked it up one day and nothing happened after I pressed the system button, no light, nothing. It was charged recently so it should have battery but if I try to charge it again, there are no lights either. I tried plugging it to the computer, and when I do , the computer detects it for a second (I can hear the USB plugging sound) and then 2-3 seconds later, I hear the USB unplugging sound.


As so, the controller doesn't show up in steamVR, and the light on the controller remains shut even when plugged to the computer or to a power source. I tried many times to Factory reset the controller (by holding some buttons for a few seconds and plugging in the controller) but it has never worked for now. I was wondering if anyone has a solution for me ? The other controller as well as the headset are working just fine, it's just that one controller that I can no longer turn on...


Thank you :)

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hi. i have 2 htc vives

i am from iran 

 and there is not any one who can help me here. 3 of my controllers are not working.

and i cant do anything. they turned of and not work anymore. what can i do? help me.

i use anything what was written in the steam site

my email is         salatin.1992@yahoo.com 

 plzzzzzz help me.and email me


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