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Basic settings Vive pro 2

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Good dayGood day
I bought an htc vive pro 2. I'm an absolute beginner and I don't know how to set it up properly. I have a Ryzen 7600 PC, a 7900XTX GPU and 32GB DDR 5. Most of the games I play, for example After The Fall or Medal of Honor, go to 120FPS for a while, but it drops after a while. The picture is slightly torn and it makes me nauseous. Could someone explain to me what super sampling is and whether I should turn it on or not??? I have it set in the VR console vive to automatic mode 90hz but I changed it to EXTREME 120hz is it ok???. I am interested in one more thing. Somewhere I turned on a function that improved performance, but this function can cause artifacts in games. I would like to turn this function off, but I don't remember where I turned it on. I had an older graphics card. in the game After The fall I have artifacts and noise around the characters etc... Thanks in advance for all the advice.

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