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nvidia drivers 551.23

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Today I started play Audioshield and screen flashing, tearing again like in time when you solving the Nvidia pipeline update etc. So I try several restarts, settings, nothing helped. So I download nvidia drivers 551.23 and it stop working completely.

Console says to I have to many monitors. I tried everything. Beta console, beta steamVR, normal console, normal steamVR. Several restart. Disconnect usb, restart headset. One hour of works and nothing.

Really not happy that every month minimum one time with automatic update of steamVR I get some problems/console/steamVR. This technology for so many years is still total crap. Simple thing like update ViveConsole not working properly - i have to restart it several times to start it.

Last fex months when I starting link box and console vive started - then no steam started. I have to do it manualy and again solving problems.

Today it was really last time - I will buy xxx oculus and will be happy to play one simple game insted of solving Vive console and steam vr problems.


BTW - When I downgrade to Nvidia 546.33 today it starts ok and no problems. No tearing, flashing and no console saying to many monitor. I can play after almost two hours. Super software.

p.s. MS Win10, RTX4090, HTC VIVE PRO 2.


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Today I tried new drivers - 551.52 and still the same. Error 224 (Vive Console shows error 224 (too many displays)). So I can play only with some old one and no the new ones. Will someone solve this at HTC or you realy stop to do anything?

p.s. I have connected only one monitor and one linkbox (HTC VIVE PRO 2). But it is working on old drivers and no on minimum last two new.

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