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I ordered and paid for a subscription, but now my account shows now subscription


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I ordered a viveport subscription on or around June 29.  I selected five games, and started playing them.  I played them for a week or two, and then moved on to other games since the HTC Vive is brand new to me.  


On July 29, I was charged via PayPal by Xsolla for my $6.99 monthly subscription fee.  After I saw this charge go through my PayPal, I thought I would log in to potentially select five new games. Unfortunately, when I log into my account on viveport.com the website is asking me to "Start A Free Trial".  


I'm wondering what happened to my subscription.  I paid my monthly fee.  I'm thinking I should have a subscription with content.


Please help.


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Can you PM me the email address associate with the account that has the subscription? It's very easy to accidently create another account with the same email address, so that may be what happened. I can check for you.


-John C

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