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Well, after realizing this thing was running android, I set out to see what all I could get away with. An Fdroid and Aurora installation later, and I find myself running discord in my vive headset, among other things.

The main problem I see is a lack of multitasking. I can only run one app at a time. Forget having some music in the background while word processing, unless I do it creatively from the web browser, which allows multiple windows. But...it's usable.

What do you think the chance is of this ability being expanded on in the future? It feels like there's a lot of potential hidden usefulness here. 

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I really wish I could run multiple apps at the same time, that ability would make the headset so much more useful as a standalone device. It's pretty high on my features wishlist.

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Yes, that would be nice. It's a bit hard to click on the screen in that way.

I initially got the keyboard thinking I would try the virtual desktop, but it kept extending my existing monitors instead of replacing them, which meant every app I tried to open would open on the "real" computer screen instead of in the streaming app. So I tried installing android apps, and while I'm limited to the keyboard (the mouse doesn't really act like a mouse in android app mode) I could do some word processing. It'd be nice if the mouse could work in this mode too.

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