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How to prevent wifi connection changing on startup?


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Howdy Folks,

My Focus 3 has two remembered Wifi networks that I alternate between.

The first is from my ISP router which is a slow network, but it has internet access.

The second is a dedicated Wifi 6 network connected directly to my computer - this network has no internet access due to its direct connection to the computer for maximum performance.

If I need an over-the-air update I connect it to the ISP network, but for all other uses it is connected to the Wifi 6 network.

The problem I have is that whenever the headset starts up, it starts on the Wifi 6 network but then logs out and then switches to the ISP network - presumably because that network has internet connectivity?

I then have to go through the hassles of manually re-picking the Wifi 6 network each and every time I start the headset.

Is there a way to prevent the headset from auto-switching networks?

If here isn't, could this be considered a feature for a new update?


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