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How to use openxr hand tracking in Unreal Engine 5.3 with Metahumans

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Does anyone have a good example project, video, or even a written tutorial on using the HTC Vive Elite XR and it's hand tracking with metahumans in unreal engine? The facial tracking example provided here (https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/unreal/unreal-tutorials/facialexpressionmaker/metahuman/) is a good example working with metahumans and openxr, but the hand tracking is a little confusing to me and is not metahuman specific. I am new to unreal and Vive and I know I still have lots to learn. I am try to teach my self, but Most of the examples I find are using other products and their proprietary plugins or they are outdated and do not work with the current implementation of openxr in unreal 5.3. Any help would be apricated.

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