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Can Not Activate


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I have like many, come to realize that very few if any phones work with the VIVE Flow. Never have I felt like such an idiot when that when I have tried to figure out how to activate these VR glasses. 


I have tried several phones that supposedly are supported, from S21+ to iPhone, and can't seem to download the apps that support have sent me. In turn I purchased the VIVE Flow controller to attempt to activate with that and again NOTHING. The support tells me to factory reset, I do that repeatedly and still I'm left with a brick. 


Is this still a functioning company? Why does HTC market this product with a website? Why isn't there a recall on this worthless product? Or am I simply too dumb to figure out how to use this product...


All I would like to do is put a few 360 videos on these glasses to show  a client. Is there a way to do this without activating with the app?

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