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I don't know if this question has already been asked.

My organisation has got more than 100 VIVE Focus 3 devices. We created a specific wifi network for security reasons to use all the devices and to use it, we need to register all the static mac address device on our DNS and on the wifi controller.

I have few questions about the mac address :

1) Why do there is a randomized mac address on the VIVE Focus 3 ? And why is it by default instead of the MAC device ? What is the purpose of it ?

2) Do there is any simple way to get the static mac address otherwise than to get it one by one from each devices ?


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Randomized mac address is used for confidentiality and security, principally for counter wifi tracking. So it's enabled by default because it's a basic protection on many devices.

If you use as much Focus 3, you should have access to Device Management or VB+ and change this option when configure wifi settings in the batch configuration.

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Thank you @FelixD,

This is exactly what we do. We use Device Management System.

The thing is, I was wondering if there is a simple way to get the mac address from the device otherwise than to must turn on the device, connect to wifi with a static mac addres to be able to finally see the static mac address ?

So fat, we had to do this on each device to get the static mac address to provide it to our network team to feed our DNS and our network controler.

As you can imagine we have to do it as many time as we have device 😕

I'm still looking for a better solution.

If anyone could help ?

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