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Will it work in my situation? (pcvr beta)

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I just want to make sure I can use this device (3 vive ultimate trackers) tho I already purchased it!
I know that it needs 3m x 3m room, but before buying I checked with community support on discord and some said a smaller room worked for them, mine is 3.5m x 2m.

All I want to know is, should I wait and hope the beta will become better? or it's just impossible to have good tracking in my condition?
I have bought a lamp specially for the tracker 1500lm warm white and 360 so it doesn't create shadows.
My walls and bed are pure white, I placed a matrix using black tape then used sticky notes in different colors to help the camera identify.
2 sides are my walls, one is a big red curtain (I did not stick anything on it yet), and the front side is about 5m rest of the flat with my closet table and kitchen-restroom.

I don't have the map quality results before putting the sticky notes, but for some reason they were better than after

I can send pictures if anyone needs.
What do you suggest? keep and wait for update while I buy and use slimevr? or return and buy 3.0?



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