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VIVE Streaming Hub 1.5.11 - Beta Release notes


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VIVE Streaming Hub - 1.5.11 - Beta release notes
Released on March 18th ,2024

VIVE Streaming Hub - 1.5.11

  • Fixed some UI issues. 

VIVE Streaming - 1.14.8

  • Fixed an issue where frames could not always be successfully received after connecting, causing the loading icon to display.
  • Supports Vive Utimate Tracker POGO pins menu input and haptic output with VIVE XR Elite. (Supported in the upcoming FOTA 7.0 release.)
  • Fixed an issue where the Vive Utimate Tracker index could be incorrect, causing the SteamVR tracker role to not be maintained.
  • Fixed a potential crash issue upon SteamVR exit.

VIVE Streaming app - (Please connect VIVE XR Elite to PC via USB or wireless to update)

  • Fixed a crash issue when suspending/resuming the headset for USB streaming.

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1 minute ago, ffeeee said:


Ultimate Tracker Pogo Pin No.1 output Vibrator maybe not work,But Tracker 3.0 work well. 


The next software update on XR Elite firmware is needed. It has been prepared in advance for XRE streaming.

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