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WE ARE STARS start up error


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I just spent 2.5 hrs downloading 'WE ARE STARS' only to get this error when trying to start game from viveport!


The file path suggests its looking for a file in the users temp folder, the file is in fact a shortcut to a HTC_VIVE device, I suspect this to be a mounted volume,which hasnt been mounted.

Other post in this forum has same error but for different game, and a member of support staff suggests running install as admin?

I find this hard to understand as the games install automatically from viveport, and give you no option to install as admin?

Also the user quoted he has been running game previously with no problems, so it suggests that the issue is almost certainly a vivedashboard problem.


So please tell me how to fix, or how to remove 'WE ARE STARS'  from my subscription.




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