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 I didn't get into VR yet , I'm still planning
Before anything, Does the VIVE Ultimate Tracker 3+1 Kit include the extension cradle ? , it doesn't seem to be , but I'm not sure , i might buy 3 trackers separately then buy the dongle pack if it doesn't, the online shopping listing doesn't seem to have a cradle only choice , so if I bough both (VIVE Ultimate Tracker 3+1 Kit  and the dongle kit) , I'll be stuck with 2 dongles.
I want to use the vive trackers with PCVR, however the distance between me and the PC might be greater than 10 meters, So I'm wondering,  how long is the usb-c cable for the cradle? , if its too short , Can I use another longer cable? , how long should the unofficial usb cable be able to go without impacting the performance of the trackers significantly?

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