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Unreal 5.2 WaveSDK can't receive input on Editor. seems consumed.


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I can't get input to work normally. i'm using enhanced input system.

Most of it works on the device, but it' s not working on the editor.

i need to set up some keys on the computer to be able to develop (almost at all).

not even the Esc key works.


Any suggestions?

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Hi @nande,

Unfortunately, WaveVR SDK only supports "Wave (L) Trigger Press" which is mapping to "R" on the keyboard and "Wave (R) Trigger Press" to "T" on the keyboard.

You can follow the steps below to make it:

1. Added Wave (L) Trigger Press and the R one in your "Input Mapping Context"


2. Added Mapping Context 


 3. Then use Enhanced Input Action to receive key events.



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Hello @Johnson_Wu

thanks for the reply.

what about the other keys not working?

no other keyboard key works in pie. that is a real blocker. even if i create mappings for specific actions and keys they do not work.

what can i do about that?

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