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Establishing network connection from Linux system to custom app on HTC Vive XR Elite


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Hello, we are a Vive Business user and we are setting up our own application which is running on our HTC XR Elite.

The application shall exchange data with an external Linux system (running as a virtual machine on a Windows PC) in the same WiFi network. It is a seperate WiFi network without any company firewall.

We tried using Port 3000 and Port 80 but both did not work. We checked connection to the headset using Ping on the Linux side which worked fine. Also Vive business streaming between the Windows system and the headset is working fine over the WiFi.

We tested our application on an Oculus Headset and it worked fine but it does not on the XR Elite.

Is there anything we need to do to accept connections? Is there a special port we could use?

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