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Need help getting the markers sample to work


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Hi, i'm not able to make the markers sample to work.

I'm using ue 5.2, latests wave sdk, elite xr with latest firmware, the device is still android 10 so i'm targetting android 29 (more than that and the device rejects the apk).

i've ensured the camera permissions are set. the pass-through works.

It keeps printing " Marker system fail to start". notice that it passes the " Check Supported feature".

on logcat i only get one line that says " Start marker result =1"

result 1 seems to be

WVR_Error_SystemInvalid                  = 1,    /**< The initialization was not finished or the feature was not started yet. */

but i have no idea how to fix it.

could someone please help me? this is a critical piece of our app.

thanks a lot! 🙏








also i tried to track the code to understand what could be missing but the code seems to simply call some dll object. so i cant really investigate much.




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took me a long time to figure out. and thanks to the help from someone at HTC.

it seems you need to set the tracking mode to Default (MR mode)  in the device's settings > General > Tracking mode.

otherwise markers and scene perception do not work.

i use the instant since it has far less overhead time when iterating on development. i wish it's supported on day.

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