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VIVE Focus 3 Software 6.0.999.960 – Release Notes


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VIVE Focus 3 Software (FOTA 6.2) 6.0.999.960

Released April 3, 2024

What’s new

  • Support for Wi-Fi 6E is now available in Norway.
  • The list of time zones in Settings has been updated. 

Enterprise features

  • VIVE Business+ 2.3.9 features are now supported.
    • The VIVE Business+ console now supports sharing maps and applying configurations wirelessly. 
    • Users can now select videos, images, and music files to deploy to the headset from group settings.

For developers

  • Developers can now switch the display frame rate between 75 and 90 Hz for apps developed using OpenXR or VIVE Wave.
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