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Resolution flickering

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Hello. We have 7 devices with HTC Vive Pro equipment in our studio. On one of them, number 7, the problem - in VR, regardless of the application, even in the Steam room, even in its menus, the image flickers strangely - about the same frequency and it looks like a s dudden degradation of resolution.

What I tried to do: linked other helmets, reinstaleld graphic drivers via DDU, reinstalled SteamVR, replaced graphics cards, replaced the PCI-e wireless adapter, changed the connection mode in ViveWireless, checked that BIOS is latest version - all to no avail. In the end I just swapped two computers - the problem still persists on the original computer number 7. That is, the problem is not in the wireless equipment, too. What could it be? Please help. 


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, VIVE_chengnay said:

Have you tried switching the All-in-one cable or linkbox with the good ones?

What does cable and linkbox and headset have to do with it? I wrote that I switched computers, that is everything that relates to HTC hardware remained the same, but the other system unit does not have the problem. 

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2 hours ago, VIVE_chengnay said:

You mean only the original computer has the issue?

Yeah, only one of the seven computers.. 


2 hours ago, VIVE_chengnay said:

Then, the number 7 computer is causing the flickering even you switch to other 6 Vive Pro devices?

Yeah, that's right.

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