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Body tracking is performed in a seated position

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I am developing a VIVE XR Elite using the Unity VIVE WAVE SDK 6.0.0 and am working on implementing avatar body tracking based on the sample included with the SDK.

In addition to the sample, I would like to do the following

I want to do body tracking while sitting on a chair.
The avatar should maintain an upright posture while seated, and the camera viewpoint should conform to the avatar's eye level.

Normally, if I calibrate body tracking while seated
The height of the avatar is considered the height of the whole body when sitting, and the scaling of the avatar is very small, so we would like to do something about this.

The avatar scaling itself works well by providing an offset to the camera and the difference between the offset and the avatar, but the avatar's Y-coordinate is just not at the expected position.

Has anyone developed a similar case?
Also, how did you solve the problem?


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