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Trackers and Controllers not working together in unity.


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Hi we have two Trackers and two controllers, all set up as in controllers, but only three work as controllers in our unity scene.


It seems to be related to the order in which I turn the devices on, as it seems to be the first one I turn on that then fails to register button events in unity with the SteamVR_TestController script.


Is this a known bug? or have I done something wrong?!




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We have both dongles plugged in for the trackers, and the diagnostics say they are using different dongle IDs, if I unplug the dongles I see the trackers lights turn blue, then back to green when I re plug the dongles, so I know which dongle is for which Tracker.


Just to clarify all four track position in unity, but only three get the button press data, depending on what order I turn them on it can be the Trackers (set to be controllers) or the Vive Controllers.





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