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Vive discount compensation?


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I bought a vive and audio deluxe for full price about a week ago. That's a good 900 dollars. I learned that yesterday started a promotion that dropped the price 200 dollars and added google tilt as an additional starting game. It was quite the disappointment. I don't ask for much, but my family has tried google tilt as a demo and we really liked it. I was wondering if we could somehow recieve the google tilt game just as a gesture of good will. It would more solidify me as a customer. I already spoke with sam Cassell in the service department and he recommended I come here, as he can't utilize viveport for compensation. Is there anything that you guys can do?

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Please email me at vive_care@vive.com subject ATTN: John C with the following information:


Date of purchase:

Source of purchase (i.e. vive.com):

Order number (if purchased on vive.com): 

Your contact information (name, address, phone number):



-John C

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