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Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' Gallery


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For some reason, this is the only game I haven't been able to play from vive port. Not that the other's haven't been glitchy, but at least they've been managable and enjoyable. When this starts up, nothing changes in the VR headset, it's like nothing happened. On the desktop however, a black screen loads and after a while, an unrecognizable graphic shows up and moves for just a second and then stops. in task manager, the program shows up and stays running as if it were having no problems. I made the mistake the first time running it to try and open it from steam in vr and i clicked on the program several times because steam never recognised it as running or opening. in task manager I realized that several copies of the program were running simultaneously, due to my several clicks. the steam vr tab simply says ready throughout the whole process. anyway, hope somebody can understand the issue and help me out.

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