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Am I over reacting or is blur expected?


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So I bought the vive after seeing all the videos online, specifically on "Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades" plus some boxing games but I've been experiencing specifically on the first game blur that really gets to me.


For example, anything in the distance, I cannot see or make out, its very blurry.

Anything close up, like a buckshot bullet, that I want to read what it is on the label, is too blurry to read, no matter what angle I put it in. The menu area of the first game all text is blurry unless I teleport in front of it about a meter away. This also occurs in the SteamVR area where it shows all your games, I can make out the logos, but can't read the names.


I've gone through the IPD guides and from what I can tell mine is about 67 ish(done through mirror), Should I get a proper check at the eye store down the road? I've set it all around 67(66,68,69) and still seeing this blur, I've set it up that the lens are right infront of my eyes, and then as far away as possible via the knob on the headset.


Is this just the nature of vive? The technology isn't good enough to see far away?

Whilst I'm enjoying the shooting and a boxing game, its the small things like blur that ruin it for me.

Is there something I'm missing?


Running on a gtx 1080 with i7-7700k 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz ram.


Any free games I can use to troubleshoot?



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There's a few things you can try.....

Moving the headset up and down on your face while looking at the text in the steamvr menu, also tilting the headset up and down on your face can help. The Vive has a small sweet spot normally in the very center, you have to keep looking into that sweet spot and move your head to get what you want to look at into this sweet spot to see it clearly.

In SteamVR, under options and developer, there's a SuperSampling setting, it should be 1.0 (default), try upping that to 1.5 or a little higher, since you have a GTX-1080, it should be able to run it smoothly at 1.5. This can clear up things a bit. As for things in the distance (sim racing, cars in the distance look blurry) that is pretty much normal since VR doesn't use as high a resolution as a 2D monitor, things in the distance suffer from this.

Regards: Jack

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