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Subscriptions - STAY AWAY - Vive thievery - serious billing and customer service issues.


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I tried the viveport subscription for a couple of months. Unfortunately I did not like it for several reasons. The maine reason being that you only have 3 days after it's billed to change any titles. Sorry Vive, I enjoy VR, neither myself nor the kids use it everyday or shcedule a day just to change titles.


I therefore signed in and canceled my subscription. This was three months. ago.

*I am still being billed.

*The website says I have NO subcriptions

*I contacted customer service 2 time and did not receive a reply.


Unforutnately, it seems the only way to resolve this is to waste more time and money and file a small claims suit, since Vive now has to be treated like a common criminal or con artists, rather than a professional, industry leading company.


And Vive, you can believe that I'll make sure all the documents are posted on as many social media pages that I can get them on. Why do we have resolve problems like grade school children and go the prinicipals office rather than simply making them right?


Vive please stop stealing.

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