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Vive - doesn't care about customers.


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I tried the viveport subscription for a couple of months. Unfortunately I did not like it for several reasons. The maine reason being that you only have 3 days after it's billed to change any titles. Sorry Vive, I enjoy VR but have Real R to worry about too. Neither myself nor the kids use it everyday or shcedule a day just to change titles.


I therefore signed in and canceled my subscription. This was three months. ago.

*I am still being billed.

*The website says I have NO subcriptions

*I contacted customer service 2 times and did not receive a reply.


Unforutnately, it seems the only way to resolve this is to waste more time and money and file a small claims suit, since Vive now has to be treated like a common criminal or con artists, rather than a professional, industry leading company.


And Vive, you can believe that I'll make sure all the documents are posted on as many social media pages that I can get them on. Why do we have resolve problems like grade school children and go the prinicipals office rather than simply making them right?


Vive please stop stealing.

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Hi ,


We can assist with this.  What has most likely happened is a subscription tied to a different account under the same email address (for example you can log in with your gmail address  or using the gmail authenticator, same address two accounts).


Can visit this site and copy and paste the details into a PM for me? https://www.htcsense.com/troubleshooting


Also please include your name and email address you used for your subscription.


Thank you,


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Hello again ,


I managed to track down your accounts. There were actually two; we're unsure at this point whether it's an error on our side, or if you created two accounts by accident. Regardless, I've refunded all of your transactions to this point. This should mean you're no longer billed, but if it does happen again for some reason, please let me know directly and we'll investigate further.


As a sidenote, we're working to improve the Viveport Subscription experience, specifically around the three-day limitation. Hopefully we might see you again in the future.

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Glad to see this guy's problem got addressed! The title brought me to this tread, since I think a company that says it's not going to lower its price, and months later does so, is being anti-consumer, since they stick a couple months of customers with the higher price. HTC burned some goodwill with that move.


But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to complain that when I try to evaluate Viveport suscbription titles, and I click on a game in the Vive desktop application (windows 10), and then click the back button, I'm nowhere close to where I was before I clicked into the game summary. The application takes me back to the top of the previous page, and I have to waste a bunch of time scrolling down to where I was, and this repeats every time I look at a game summary. Bad interface, been like that for months.



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Also, Vive isn't making the windows application conducive to delivering feedback. There's no feedback button to be found, not even under ACCOUNT/HELP. I found the forums by clicking on the Subscription FAQ link under Subscriptions, which opens a new window, and, if you scroll UP, you can find links to get to these forums, which, I now see, seem to be easily accessable via web browser. I'm glad to see my web browser will allow me to browse titles without the "back" problem I have with the VIVE application. 


At this point I'm not sure of the purpose of the Vive application that was installed on my desktop. It seems like some kind of stripped down web browser, a confining window to the content on www.viveport.com.

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