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Viveport not working and thanks tech support for the irrelevant solution!


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I've had my Vive for just over a week. It came with a redeem code for three free games. I redeemed the code and got individual codes for each game, Everest, Richies Plank and Tilt Brush. I redeemed those codes. If I go into Vive online via Google, there in the library are the purchased games. If I go into Vive desktop app they are not there. My Steam VR games have however ported in there ok. If I find the games on the Viveport tab within the Vive app, there is a download button which is green but does nothing because I assume it says I have already downloaded them. I log into both accounts with the same HTC login, I have reinstalled Vive, turned off Avast virus, checked the Vive game directory, logged out, logged in and danced the hokey-cokey. Prayed to whoever might be listening and spoken real nice to my pc. The best bit though was submitting a ticket to Support with a log file. They've come back with a very detailed email telling me how to redeem the code to get the game codes. Well thanks very much, duh! I've done all that, that's not the issue. I also, out of interest (which I'm losing very fast) tried to download a few freebies from Viveport via the desktop app. Just the same, says downloaded but they disappear into the cyber abyss, never to be found again but show up as purchased on the online Viveport. I can't then do anything with that game as it again just gives the good old green download non-working button. The Vive itself is amazing and I love it, but Viveport? And that subsciption offer? Haha! Shame, theres been stuff on there for sale this past week that I would have likely bought but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon, in fact I would sooner sit and watch a tenner burn in front of me as it would be slightly more exciting.

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