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Problem with client


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i have in my computer disk C (100GB only on windows) and D (900) where i put all my games, movies and programs.
In client i choose my folder for downloaded games on D. But it install everything on C where i install only VIVE. So i uninstalled VIVE and installed him on disc D. But GAMES are again downloading on C where i have only 20 GB Free Space...

I am changing it everytime and nothing still games are downloaded on C:/programfiles/htcaccount....

So i can download only like one game..... 

Please How to change it to everytime download game on my disc D


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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<settings xmlns:htc="http://vrstore.htc.com/settings/values" xmlns="http://vrstore.htc.com/settings/values">
<setting name="btn_install_folder">
<setting name="chkbox_auto_update">
<value type="bool">true</value>

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