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CYBER VR global update 1


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A few days ago was released global update for CYBER VR
Here is changelog:
• Add OCULUS RIFT support (depend 360 tracking).
• Changed movement control.
- Movement control now use only one dominant hand.
- Control now realized by touching trackpad(vive)\moving thumbstick (oculus)
- After touching trackpad(vive)/stick(oculus) on one hand, control realized only on THAT hand. For change dominant hand on other, release the finger form trackpad(vive)/stick( oculus).
- For changing wilking/running press on trackpad(vive)/stick(oculus).
- Changed movement controls to touch trackpad(vive)/stick(oculus to walk, press to sprint.
- Direction of control is assigned with direction of dominant hand.
- Movement speed now dependence on joystick deviation from the center.
• Changed match beginning mechanics.
- New match can now be started directly, without waiting full filling of lobby. Now each player in lobby should join any team and after it host must press side button on controller and touch "start match" icon.
- Add an opportunity to join already started match, if there are free slots in the lobby.
• Changed teleport color. Now it has team color (for better recognition of opponents). When teleportation is impossible, color switching on red.
• Add player nickname above head.
• Fixed hacking white bot bug.
• Increased magnet active range.
• Now shields can be found across the map.
• Voice chat now activating by pressing grip buttons.

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