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I tried looking it up, but didn't find anything definite with google.

If I buy HTC Vive (or any other VR device), does it work with older games? (I'm interested specifically in Skyrim right now.)

I only want real 3D vision, not motion detection or alternative controls - I just want to enjoy playing with keyboard+mouse while seeing it all in 3D. Skyrim with mods can look very beautiful already.

I would assume this requires two different images from slightly altered points of view. My question is mainly wether this is somehow handled through VR software, or just to know how it is right now with any 3D games in general that do not have VR versions. Like newer Tomb Riders, Assassin's Creeds, etc.


Thanks for the answer in advance!

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Not officially, but there are always clever folks out there who find ways to make such things work. One example is "VorpX" which acts as a special driver allowing the display to be duplicated and rendered in parallax so you get that "3D effect" you're talking about.

Obviously, that's a 3rd party software so I can't make any sort of official recommendation, but I happen to know personally that it's one of the most popular ways of doing exactly what you're asking for. There are probably other software solutions which do something similar as well, but I don't know any off the top of my head.

I hope that answers your question!

-John C

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No you cannot just pick up older games and play them in VR.

And Vorpx is not a real option, since the games are not made for VR, so they are not fully playable.


But some old games are being reworked, modded and remade for VR.

Bethesda announced Doom, Fallout4 and Skyrim, all coming in 2017 for VR.

Other old games are either playable or being worked on, like HalfLife2, Quake2, Payday2, The alien horror game and Dirt to name a few..


However you sound like a guy who want an easy solution, and VR is not easy, since VR is not perfect. It will not give you the PC game you are used to, in perfect Virtual Reality. VR demands a high end PC and a lot of patience!


But its worth it :)

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