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Kinda upset about price drop and Fallout bundle


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Ok so i bought my Vive just a few months back ,  Cant even remember the total but 1200 to 1300 after taxes ( Canadian Price),   Love it very happy ,  I see on steam not long after the price drop.   Well **bleep**, if i had waited a couple months could have saved like 400 bucks.  Wasnt going to bother saying anything cause im just happy to have it.   Now Fallout 4 VR is included for a few months.   Its one of the reason i got the Vive in the first place.


So anything that can be done ?   I dont have a reciecpt anymore but maybe i can ask the store i bought it from for a copy.  All i care about is Fallout 4 VR not even looking for money or anything.

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