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Vive restarting/disconnecting every 30 seconds


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Recently my headset started restarting/disconnecting (I can hear USB disconnect sounds) everything 30 seconds. It will reboot just fine and resume where I was, but 30 seconds later it will restart.


The restart interval is consistent (every 30 seconds almost exactly) and the issue also happens when the headset is sitting on the floor undisturbed, so it doesn't seem like a cable issue. Has anyone run into this sort of issue before (have tried to search the web, but had little luck)? If so, how did you resolve it? If not, do people this is a driver, Linkbox, or HMD issue?


Would hopefully like to try to resolve this without having to submit the unit in for warranty repair.


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi John,

Thanks for the response. I've tried the basic troubleshooting steps:


Reinstall SteamVR USB drivers

Reinstall Bluetooth drivers/disable bluetooth

Reinstall base USB drivers

Change USB cables between linkbox and computer

Tried all USB ports available

Reinstall SteamVR

Power cycle everything


It's odd because it seems like a hardware issue but the repeatability and consistency of the cycle make it seem like a software issue.


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No go on the removal/reinstall of the drivers with USBDeview.

So I guess that rules drivers out.

Is it possible the firmware got corrupted? If so is it possible to reset the headset firmware?

What would be the next step in determining if the headset or the linkbox is defective (I am leaning towards the link box because when is on, the headset functions normally)?

Thanks again for taking the time to help out on this.

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     That's awesome! I'm happy to hear that things worked themselves out. Sometimes these issues are nested pretty deep and I'm glad your issue found resolution. 


     Your error was a very serious one that I'd like to keep on our radar and directly address. Now that we have a lead to its cause, I'd love to pass this thread onto our QA and engineering teams so they see if they can find a root issue. It would be extremely helpful if you could share a bit of information about your system with us. 


      If you could please send us a text file your dxdiag pages, that would be much appreciated. To do so, hit "windows key + R" to open up a command prompt and type in "dxdiag" and hit enter. Next, click "save all info" on the resulting window. You can send me the .txt in a PM. Thanks!




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I seem to have this exact issue, as of Wednesday. On Wednesday it fixed itself magically after a while, and the Vive was working again for a couple of days, but now it started again. I'm on the latest version of Windows.

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