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Vive for existing CAD application


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I want to offer VIVE with an existing CAD application, the application already has support for HMD and tracking.

Is it possible to connect VIVE as a monitor and read the tracking data without using Steam? Any documentation I should read?

Thank you


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It might be possible, but it's definitely not recommended nor could you do it using the product as intended.


As it stands, the tracking is a key component in the functioning of Vive.

I'm not aware of any official documentation on the subject either, but if you search around the internet you may find someone else who has tried the same thing.


-John C

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The Vive fundamentally needs SteamVR to work. SteamVR is where the tracking data is collected and made sense of.  Another critical function that SteamVR preforms is distorting the output of the PC to match the Vive's lenses. If you just pipped unaltered video into the HMD it would look like gibberish. You can use the Vive as a monitor using tools like Virtual Desktop but like all Vive applications it requires active tracking thru SteamVR.

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