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Unable to confirm Viveport Location


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For some time I was able to use Viveport to connect to my phone via bluetooth without selecting a country. (My country was not an option - Slovenia)


Now, after an update, my country shows up, but I am unable to confirm it. 

I can click on the button, but the following error pops up:

An error has occurred and the server could not be reached at this time. Please check your internet connection and try again later.

Now I cannot choose the settings tab, to set up my phone.


These are Vive software versions installed on my computer:

  • Vive Software
  • Vive Driver
  • Viveport Companion
  • Viveport Desktop
  • Viveport Diagnosis
  • Viveport DirectX 9.0


I have been trying this for a few days now.Turning the firewall off does not help at all.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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Can i throw this out there: the 2 countries we are discussing are both not in the 'official list' of countries. For example, for my region the closest country is Singapore. Could this be the reason?


On the viveport desktop app, the screen asks me to confirm that my shopping location is Malaysia, but when i try to confirm, i get the error as above.


But on the vive website, when i log in, the same dialogue pops up but this time asks me to confirm that i am shopping from the United States.


Both times i logged in via my Steam account. 


I would gladly confirm as US location if this solves the issue, but i worry that i won't be able buy anything later, since i am not actually in US.


Right now i can't even get into viveport!!


Please help!

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I have already tried the following:

  • disabled Windows 10 integrated "Virus & threat protection"
  • disabled Windows 10 integrated firewall
  • I have no other such software installed
  • connected my computer directy to internet (without a router in between), so there are no other firewalls present



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So, I have analised the HTTP traffic using Fiddler. And it seems it has to do with countries, yeah.

These are the calls: (I have deleted the irrelevant data)



I'm guessing you should handle you errors in a more understandable way, so the user understands what is wrong, or not even display my country, if it is not supported.


Do you have any plans to make at least some parts of the Vive application usable to the user, if he is using the application in a not supported country? e.g.: Connecting with mobile phone, etc. ??

Thank you for your help

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Thank you for your attention - may I ask how long the fix will take?


I have been unable to get into viveport since day one, and i now wonder if the redeem code i got will expire? I received a card with a redeem code for a vive content bundle.


I don't mind waiting for the fix but if the redeem code expires while i wait, it would be a travesty.

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