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Valve's SteamVR "Knuckles" Controllers - Accessibility Question


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Hello All,


To give a bit of background I am a through the right knee and right hand index finger amputee and given the way that gaming is hoping to go in the years to come, I feel that my favourite hobby is fast catching up with my physical capability.  I believe the Knuckle controllers will expect to have 1 thumb 4 fingers holding it so when I would use them the fingers will "skew" because I don't have the correct inputs to match,  Will there be acessiblity options to turn off "individually" each sensor or "finger" 


P.S. I did run searches on the forum to see if these questions had been asked sorry if its a repeat.


From a concerned gammer


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Hi ,

Knuckles are developed by Steam and not HTC so any sort of accessibly or compatibility layers falls within their court as the controllers IO will be mediated through SteamVR. I can't speak for Valve when it comes to this but based on what we've seen with the current generation they will likely leave accessibility to devs on an individual basis. Regulating accessibility globally across all SteamVR platforms would be incredibly difficult.


When you use knuckles, you open and close your hand a few times to celebrate it. I'd imagine that it would treat your middle finger as as your index and treat your ring or pinky finger as two fingers. 

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