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Viveport unnable to install steam


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At this point, the Vive software should be fully installed and you may be able to exit the installer and still have all of the appropriate software and resources installed. The Steam installation occurs during the final stage of the installer and sometimes gets bugged out due to how the Steam client works in the background. 

If you'd like further assistance with the installer, I'm happy to open up a support ticket to connect you to the team that manages that installer. 

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For mine, this is the only way it would work:

VivePort says I already have VIVE & SteamVR installed, which I know I have SteamVR installed but I wasn't sure about VIVE...unless that happens as you start the VivePort install?  
It also says I can skip this step but offers no skip button so I can only click install.  
Steam was already open but SteamVR was not - I was logged into Steam.  
I started the VivePort install, it got to the part where a Steam pop-up appeared - looked to be logging me in...again?  
Then, it got to the endless "Installing Steam..." part. I right clicked on the Steam tray icon and clicked on the bottom SteamVR link.  
This started a chain reaction of installs and now everything works a little closer to how it probably was meant to - headset and all.

Good luck!

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