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During Room Setup It Says Controllers And Headset Are Turned Off When On SteamVR Their Okay


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I Wanted To Play VR So When I Was Trying To Set Up The Room Setup It Said That The "Headset off" and "Controller off" but on SteamVR All Controller, Headset & Base stations were turned on. Its been happening for a while and I spent all my money on this. I hope someone can help me as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Hello GreatGamesYT,

I see you have a problem with Tracking

Given what information you have provided, I have these suggestions to resolve your problem:
• Ensure that you have properly paired your remotes
• Check if your Lighthouses are obstructed by anything
• Check for updates on your hardware
• Check that your Lighthouses are able to see eachother and your components

If these do not fix your issue, feel free to leave this topic open,
I or another user will try to assist you further shortly!

If I have assisted you with your issue, or resolved your problem, Please accept my response as the answer.

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im having the same problem,
steamVR stasus is saying everything is ok and traking and when i unplugged the headset and it was saying it was not detected and when i pluged it back in and reset the app it was all green with nothing saying something was wrong no errors on that but on steamVR room setup it was saying the "headset off"

i know a lot of people are having the same thing happen to them and no one in the steam forum i found that dont know how to fix it,

i googled it and its forum after forum like this but your staff so here will be the best place to go,

if you can help then thank you for the help


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when the PC is off the light on the side is red when i login and i run steamVR it is green,
the app is verry helpfull to say what is wrong like when i had both base station set as A and it asked me to change one to B and that is not saying anything is wrong.

is it just i have directX12 not directX11?

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Unfortunately not,

When I start the room set up and pick the standing still so I'll be in one location, many games of mine can run in VR mode so I'll be using keyboard and mouse,


It shows a man holding the seadset up so the stations can see it,


On the side it has a picture of the headset grayed out and next to it it said "headset off"


No more information given,

It is on with the steam VR would say something like please make sure that the headset is connected properly


Sorry for slow replies I'm in the UK

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