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Lens curvature different on each side


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I noticed this when I first recieved my Vive last year.  The right lens seems like it has a greater curve to it then the left lens, so the sweet spot is tiny on the right side, and with any movement of your head, images will be distorted as they enter and leave the sweet spot, and have absolutely no issues with the left lense, not even being able to reproduce the effect with changes in eye position.  


I thought maybe it was just me and I had some weird eye asymmetry, but everyone else who has used the headset has said the same thing.  Then I thought this just must be the way it is designed, but I recently tried on another headset and did not have any issues with either lense.  I initially tried contacting HTC after I recieved the Vive with a few emails but never recieved any responses.  The headset is still usable, but it significantly impacts the experience to the point I hardly ever want to pull the headset out.  There are also no scratches or any damage whatsoever to the lense, but rather it seems like it is some defect in the lens.  


Has anybody else had or heard of a similar issue, and if so is there anything that can be done?

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