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Cant launch compositor!


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There are a number of issues which can cause this. First off, it's important to say that ASRock motherboards have known USB compatibility issues with other SteamVR HMDs (not just the Vive). Use the USB 2.x (black) ports rather than USB 3.x (blue) ports. In some cases, buying a PCI-E USB card is the only fix. This is Valve's recommended USB card; the 4 port card should work similarly. 


The first thing I look for when I see this is whether or not a video adapter was used to connect the Vive (such as a DVI to HDMI). Always try to connect the Vive directly to the GPU's HDMI port/ciniport. If you have an extra HDMI cable around try using that instead of the supplied cable. Try unplugging any extra monitors (leaving only the HMD and primary monitor plugged in). 


If that fails, try bypassing the linkbox and plugging the HDMI and USB leads from HMD's 3-in-1 cables directly into the PC. You need to keep the power routed through the linkbox. 


In some cases, this combo of errors relates to conflicts within Nvidia's setup. Try going into Nvidia control panel > 3D Manager > Programs > add  and assign all SteamVR content onto your 1080. 


Hopefully one of these answers proves to be helpful. 

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