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Nothing for existing Vive owner with Fallout4 VR bundle


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How so? i have had my Vive over a year now and the free games change from time to time. 
just think of all the fun you have had with your vive in that time. 
Also just think if you brought a vive today you will still have to wait until fallout 4 is released so you would have to buy other games and play.
Do you go to you local supermarket and complain when they change the offers weekly? 
Last week i got a free can of beans with my bread this week its a carrot!!! 
No because thats how offers work. 
Enjoy what you have and stop worrying  about what you dont have. If you own VR you are a lot luckier than most people in the world. 

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Have you paid $900 for bread? Free beans were equal to $59?

Moreover, Fallout4 is too big to be compared with the other garbage indie games.


Recent cutting price slightly upset me but I could stand for it.

However, it is the humiliation and double-cross that ONLY EXISTING OWNER have to pay additional cost for such a AAA title that everyone would like to play.


If you say what I had is good one, why don’t you swap my Job simulator to Fallout4?

Definitely it’s unfair deal at all.

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Sorry you are coming across as a spoilt child who just wants wants wants. 
Humiliation? what is everyone pointing their fingers are you laughing?

i actually spent a lot more on my Vive than $900 and its been worth every penny. 
despite free games or not. 
Its a fact of life these things change you could of waited and got the vive at a later time. 
unless HTC sent someone to your house with a Gun and forced you to buy the Vive you could of waited and missed out on all the fun you have been having. 
Why are you not complaining that the graphics card your running is offering a different free game to what it was offering when you first purchased. 

Will Fallout4 be the best game ever? i doubt it!
Next year we might get resident evil or Skyrim and  that might be given away or even a tie in with Ready player one. will you then start complaining again?

Sorry but i suggest you go post your comments on Reddit and watch the community rip you to shreads there. 

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I guess you should be in Reddit because it seems that you just attack someone.

I don’t want your agree.


But as you’re saying that in supermarkets can, be forced to buy by Gun, I won’t support your opinion because of inconsistency.


Would you like to shut up every negative topic from forum?

I’m sorry that I don’t imagine there are censorship like mainland.

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 &  ... Hi guys, lets keep this friendly. We are not Reddit :smileywink:


, while I can understand and empathize with your frustration, the VR ecosystem depends on developers being able to generate income from their hard work. Bethesda has painstakingly invested tens of thousands of labor hours into the FO4 conversion which represents a substantial (multimillion dollar) investment into VR. Bethesda ultimately sets the price of their creations as well as the distribution strategy, rightfully so. Simply stated, developers need to see return on their investment in order to be able to develop for VR sustainably and it's up to you as a consumer to decide whether or not the content is worth the price asked. 


Although it's behind the scenes; there are a number of  channels that Vive invests and supports content developers through. These help encourage a thriving and sustainable ecosystem that ensures that you'll continue to see new and exciting content long after your promotional offer is used. 

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Why do everyone bring the theory of developers?

Ok, still in kickstarter?

If developers need “contribution” in payment for released products, that’s means it incompetent.

Bethesda invest robust budget?

Why do they and you try to get back them from existing owners?

If you would like to avoid these critics, it’s not enough worthy for releasing in market.

Repeat, it’s released product in market.

Why should I take care the developers income.

If it can’t afford them, it means the product is failed work.


The “developers” (I feel only for VR ones) should stop exaggerating them in luxurious words.


Even if I look back my GPU, they didn’t put such a ridiculous price cutting down.

Of course, the better one already came out but in the range of common sense.

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The topic of developer cost/reward comes up because it's the fundamental driving force in software and technology in general. No one would spend money to create a product they didn't think would return that investment or have some sort of market impact that could be leveraged financially later.

Investment, in anything, is a risk. In a new technology such as VR, that risk is even higher. Bigger risks won't be taken until there's solid evidence that such risks can pay off. Fallout 4 VR's reception and sales are in some ways going to be taken as an indication of state of AAA VR gaming. Is it worth it for the developer? Simply put, if it doesn't sell, then it's not going to be worth it and that's how developers and publishers are going to look at it.


This has been written about extensively all over the gaming and VR media in the past few months so I won't devote too much more time to it, but the answer to your question of why developers come up when we talk about the future of VR gaming, is because they are the future of VR gaming and they need to succeed so the technology can grow and mature.


Thank you,

-John C


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I also think you're confusing Bethesda from Vive/HTC. The Vive is a released consumer hardware product, Fallout4VR is an unreleased software product as it's still in development by Bethesda. Just because it's a paid application does not imply that it's unsuitable for release; rather the opposite.


Good content requires hard work from dedicated developers who deserve to be paid for their efforts. Ownership of a Vive does not entitle you to their labor for free but merely enables you to access the content you chose to purchase. The key is that you as a consumer choose what projects you wish to support. 


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