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Fallout 4 VR included with Vive?

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Hi there  - it depends on where you purchased your Vive from. In theory, there's a code inside the box. Depending on when the Vive was shipped to a retailer though, that code might not be there.


If you picked it up directly from a retailer, they may have a stock of codes - go back to them and ask for it. The code will be a ten-digit code consisting of numbers and letters. That's redeemed on vive.com/code. We have an in-depth FAQ on that here.


If you bought from Vive.com directly, you should have been emailed the code - check spam. If you bought from another online retailer, it's possible they need to email you too.


If you have continuing issues with the code, come back here and we'll help you get sorted out. :)

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, It's a two step process. Inside the box there is a promo code card in the same compartment as your link box. You'll redeem that code and then select which promo bundle you'd like (in this case FO4) and then you'll see the appropriate Steam key. We also email you this Steam key in case you miss it. 

The promo card looks like this. 

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I just purchased a Vive unit from a MicroCenter store yesterday and there was no Fallout 4 code in the box. I called them and asked if they happen to have a list of them at the store like another reply in this post suggested but nobody there was aware of any codes either. Is this something I can email support my serial number and copy of my receipt to abtain a code?




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