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Welcome to the Logitech G BRIDGE FAQ. If you have any questions which are not answered here, please visit our Bridge Troubleshooting Guide, or let us know below or via email at supportsdk@logitech.com. Thanks for your interest!




Will it take me long to get BRIDGE running?


No, it should be very straightforward to get set up. On first opening, BRIDGE prompts you to enter our virtual reality Setup, which walks you through the steps of getting set up for your specific environment and conditions. As with any new keyboard, BRIDGE may feel a little strange at first, but give it a little time and you’ll be typing naturally before you know it.


Does BRIDGE work with any other keyboards?


For now, just the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is supported by this SDK.


Can I get more skins or create my own skin for the app I’m developing?


As we’re still in development, we’ve just included a few sample keyboard skins, but we are working towards opening the keyboard creation process to everyone. Feel free to get in touch with us with any idea/request on this topic - we’re excited about the potential to contextually augment your keyboard and would love to hear your ideas.


What are the different hand visualization modes in BRIDGE?


  • Seethrough mode is a tracked window to reality, where you can see your real keyboard and hands with no post-processing. It’s only intended as a reference mode.
  • Hands segmentation mode is a segmentation of the hands as captured by the HTC Vive camera. The segmented hand image is overlaid on top of a tracked readable virtual model of the keyboard, and the combination of these is overlaid on any VR app.
  • Alternative Segmentation mode is an experimental mode intended to provide better support for users in conditions where the default segmentation is not working. This mode uses the difference in color between the keyboard and your hands to identify hands (i.e. a “hue” based segmentation) as opposed as the brightness-based method used in the default Hands segmentation. This may make a difference in situations where the lighting is not uniform and there’s a low contrast between the hand skin tone and the keyboard. We are working hard to improve this experience so that it works for everyone across all environmental conditions - it’s our top priority.


Can I swap to a different HTC Vive Tracker?


Yes, you can select a new tracker at any time. First, pair your tracker with SteamVR so it’s visible on the Pair Vive Tracker tab of the Bridge app. Next, click on Pair New + on the app, and select the desired tracker from the list. The currently actively paired tracker is highlighted in blue.


Can I hide the virtual keyboard?


Yes. As the keyboard is visible within any app that uses SteamVR you may wish to hide the keyboard for certain experiences. There’s a toggle switch labelled ‘Enable Keyboard’, on the Settings tab of the Bridge desktop app, that allows you to turn the keyboard on/off at any time.


Can I hide my hands, and just see the keyboard in VR?


Yes. We find a lot of touch-typists are curious to try this mode, although our research findings suggest the importance of visible hands for even the most proficient touch-typist. There’s a toggle switch, on the Settings tab of the Bridge desktop app, that allows you to turn Hands on/off.


Will BRIDGE work if I change the RGB lighting settings on my Logitech G810 keyboard?


For Bridge, we recommend that you turn off the lighting on your keyboard by pressing the ☼ key at the top right of the keyboard. If you already have Logitech Gaming Software installed, our software has the ability to control the lighting of the keyboard automatically where needed.


I have a great idea for a feature or something I'm working on, that I want to share…


Great! Please contact us at supportsdk@logitech.com, comment on this thread, or create another thread here on the forum - we would love to hear your feedback!


I have a question related to the HTC Vive or HTC Vive Tracker.


Feel free to ask that question elsewhere in these forums!

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It is mostly dead. Luckily Logitech has released the software and the 3D model files needed to make your own if you have access to a 3D printer. A friend of mine was able to print out the bridge and while it does work, it definitely isn't ready for Prime time. I am still working on the configuration but it is typing one row up and one key over in VR as compared to the physical keyboard.

Here is the link to the files.  https://github.com/Logitech/logi_bridge_sdk


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thank you a lot, flynn2k !


you said it's not ready for Prime Time, but finally, is it usable ?


i thank you a lot for the SDK files, but please where are the 3D model files needed to make the adapter ?

There are not in "v2.0_Logitech_BridgeSDK_Aug22th.zip" :(

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