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Relationship GPU and Compositor


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Hello, now i am VR application developer using HTC VIVE.

During development, i have some question.


 1.  I connected the hdmi cable to the main board. (Desktop to link box) 

      so, 'compositor is not available' Error is presentating SteamVR.

      i connected the hdmi cable to external GPU , VIVE is working.

     This means thant the warning "compositer is not available" is displayed because the built-in
     graphics do not support vive's resolution?


2. i test simple VR application used notebook equipment GPU is 940MX.
    simple VR application is maded by unity3d and just one plane.

    but i connect vive, error is display "compositer is not available".

    i already know minum PC spec, I think a very simple vr program should work. There is no
    interaction between the controller and the object, and there is nothing to load the gpu.

    I understand if the vr program is running and there is a delay.
    However, there was an error that the compositor could not be used and it was a pity
    that the HMD itself could not be used.
  What exactly is the compositor role?
  Does it work only when I use a graphics card that supports 2160x1200 resolution of HTC VIVE?

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