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Some HTC vive in the same room.


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I have a problem, I use 2 vive in the same room with 4 base stations, but there is a conflict between them. However I tried to install it, separetly, in the same time ... If I try to launch one, the other is out, base station loose the signal. How can I figure out ? How people do this on VR show ? 10 or 100 HMD on the same area. 


Thank you

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Ok If I'm in area with other company who use HTC vive, I ask them to remove their base station?


If I use two, it doesn't work good. I tried this afternoon and it was a disaster. Every time I launch steamVR on the 1st computer+hmd, it loose the synchronisation with the 2nd.

How VR ZOne Arcade manage this problem? I guess they didn't use 2 base station for more than 2 HMD.



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