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Cancelling the repair process


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Hello again!


I'll start with the problem I'm having. Earlier today, I contacted Live Support about a problem I was having with my Vive's screen not turning on. During the chat, the helper suggested plugging the HDMI and USB from the computer into the headset itself. Stupidly, I somehow unplugged the power to the headset from the linkbox in the process, meaning I saw no change. Only realising after the chat ended, during which I had started the repair process due to the helper thinking it was a problem with the HMD, I tried the solution again with the power cable plugged in. As expected, the fix worked.


I'd just like to know how the repair process can be cancelled after it has been started, now that I know that the headset is working. The repair is to fix the actual headset, which I now know is in working order.


I'd like to say thanks to the people at Live Support who helped me troubleshoot the problem, especially so since I messed up the process completely. Hopefully that's the only issue I'm going to have with the Vive.

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