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Hi! Thank you for your question. For the rest of this year, we’re focusing on our standalone device, VIVE FOCUS, for the China market.  We still have a great relationship with Google, but will not be bringing a standalone device to the western markets on Daydream at this time.  We’re looking closesly at our hardware roadmap and will share when there is more to come for Western markets next year.

Further more, I'd like to clarify that Vive Focus is not intended to replace Vive. The PC-based Vive is by far the most popular VR product with the most diversified applications for enterprise users, professional users, hard-core gamers, and more. Meanwhile, the Vive Focus is designed to appeal to a wider range of mass market audiences who desire a visually stunning and world-scale VR experience but in a much more convenient and portable form factor. These two products shall enhance the Vive ecosystem together.

Thank you,

-John C

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