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HTC Vive Tracker - Tracking Issue


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I'm having a problem with Vive Tracker. There's a tracked object using the Vive Tracker that stays still for a certain time in a specific position in the game area. Eventually it loses the tracking (tracker icon pulsing green in SteamVR) and the virtual object stays fixed in the last position when I move the real object. Tracking returns only after turning off the tracker and turning it on again.

Have anyone else had this problem or have any ideia what the problem can be and how to solve it?

Another problem I'm having is with the idle time out. Is there any way to increase the time or disable time out?


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     Hi , 

     This slipped by due to the US holiday, I apologize for the slow response. The trackers auto time-out after 5 min to prevent trackers from draining themselves accidentally. I'll look into if it's possible to override this. That said, your issue seems a bit different. How long is the object sitting unmoved before tracking is lost? The tracker turns itself off after 5 minutes but it sounds like your tracker remains on. 

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Hello ,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, that's right, our issue is a bit different. The object is sitting unmoved for something between 2 to 5 minutes. The tracker remains on but isn't actualy tracking, the virtual object remains still even if the tracker is moving in the play area, we need to turn it off and turn it on again through the SteamVR to get the track working again. This issue doesn't occur all the time and I can't reproduce it.

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