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Vive black Friday Sale UK


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so i want to buy a vive, and i was looking on the site and it showed i can get the audio strap and vive for £59936a15a57e4.jpg

so i thought ok cool so i went ahead and bought it, and got a order confirmation number, and the funds were deducted from my paypal account, however there isnt any record of it in my order history in my accounts page. On my confirmation email it says its just the HTC Vive
and not the vive + Deuluxe Audio strap bundle. but the prices are the same so im abit confussed, did i buy the vive on its own or did i get the bundle.. 

anyone any to help with this? 



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After speaking to the live chat the guy advised me that it wasn't the black friday bundle deal but he could amend the order 
however, soon after speaking the supprt dude i got a email saying that the vive would arrive today (28th). not long recived it and opened it all up to check and it was just the vive on its own :(. so doesnt look like it was amended so will need to contact the support guys again :/ 

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